1Modapolka Fafinska blue blouse2
3Modapolka Fafinska grey dress1
5Modapolka Fafinska Pastel dress3
7Modapolka Fafinska brown suit
9Modapolka Fafinska brown suit2
11Modapolka Fafinska white suit2
13Modapolka Fafinska corset1
15Modapolka Fafinska shirt2
17Modapolka Fafinska Pastel dress
19Modapolka Fafinska silk blouse3
21Modapolka Fafinska grey dress2
2Modapolka Fafinska blue blouse3
4Modapolka Fafinska grey dress5
6Modapolka Fafinska Pastel dress2
8Modapolka Fafinska white suit5
10Modapolka Fafinska white suit1
12Modapolka Fafinska white suit3
14Modapolka Fafinska corset
16Modapolka Fafinska shirt1
18Modapolka Fafinska grey dress3
20Modapolka Fafinska silk blouse4
22Modapolka Fafinska Pastel dress4

GOLDEN REMIX is a medley collection. Its most important feature is what is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of fashion – timelessness.

The designs you liked the most remain, while new ones will be gradually added. This way the collection will evolve before your eyes.

Today I give you a remix of my favorite inspirations, out of which you can create your own, favorite remixes, which I hope will serve you for many seasons.

Regardless of the pace at which the world is changing around us, let’s hope for the best and “let’s keep on dancing”!

photo: Karolina Fafińska
model: Gabriela Mach
make up: Julia Kusiak