The style of Modapolka clothes looks back to the past decades. “My brand represents, what is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of fashion – timelessness,” says Pola Stępień, the owner and main designer of the Modapolka brand, who prefers to produce small batches of clothes using sophisticated tailoring techniques. Pola disregards trends and chooses elaborate, exceptional fabrics. This consistent attitude saturated with slow fashion philosophy results in a distinct and genuine quality – a new take on luxury.

Small collars and buttons, fitted cuts, tucks and puffed sleeves – these carefully designed details hark back to past decades. Thanks to them the clothes have an exceptional look and exist outside of seasonal trends.

The fabrics themselves are also impressive. The linen was produced in the oldest Lithuanian textile mill. The traditional methods of production allowed to create a jacquard pattern. Such effects are currently unattainable elsewhere in Europe. The last of the machines used to produce such textiles in Poland were lost in the turmoil of the political transformation. Printed silk and the 1980s blue denim came from Pola’s own textile archives. “I have an entire collection of such hoarded treasures and I love to use them,” she admits.

Modapolka is a fashion brand from Łódź and its entire production takes place in this city. The clothes are sewn at a local pattern shop that mainly carries out orders for Japanese upmarket fashion brands. Karolina Fafińska, a first year student at the Łódź Film School, and Pola’s great Instagram discovery, has been doing the photoshoots. The photos were taken at Pola’s daughter’s school gym as well as at the Strzemiński Academy of Art workshop where Pola’s husband teaches. “The local character and small scale of my work allow me to concentrate and create good things. I don’t want to flood the world with excess,” Pola says.

Basia Czyżewska, Vogue pl